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Abstracts & Nominations

Deadline date for Abstracts from speakers & Nominations for PKD Merit Award: 03/06/2024

Dear Speakers,

The 2nd International Conference of AIIMSONIANS of UK & Europe in Birmingham is fast approaching and we look forward to welcoming you at the event. 

We do hope you have checked the programme on the website and made the necessary preparations as speakers. You will notice that there is limited time allocated to each speaker due to the number of speakers. Also, may I remind those who have not yet submitted their abstract, we do need a brief summary (no more than 100 words) from you before the deadline of Mon the 3rd of June 2024. 

This year we are also seeking from each delegate their personal account of their life-journey and professional achievements so the Moderators of your session can speak authentically about you when introducing you on the podium as and when the occasion demands depending upon the time constraints. It will also save you invaluable time to spend on your presentation topic. 

We are also looking for nominations for the award of the Padma Shri Prof P K Duraiswami International AIIMSONIANS Award for which you may wish to nominate yourself or indeed a colleague. We are also planning this time to publish all the information from last years and this Conference as a souvenir edition of our AUE Journal, so we require all the above information at the earliest. This information is on our website: but for your ease of reference I am attaching it here. 

I look forward to hearing from you at the earliest. Many thanks, best wishes and regards.


Information to 2nd AUE Conf Delegates (29 May 2024)
Download PDF • 122KB
Prof P K Duraiswamy Award (27th May 2024)
Download PDF • 153KB

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